Our profession: Engineering in the world of valves and pressure vessels

Engineering - that's what we do

Our main business is the world of valves and pressure vessels. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience we are happy to help you to satisfy your customer.


No matter if you just want to double check if your products are able to meet alternativ rules and regulations or if you want to have a new product range of valves or pressure vessels.

Our knowledge - Your success

Challenge our knowledge and experience round about valves and pressure vessels. The secret behind our knowledge is not only a long experience but also our network. 


We are used to design valves and vessels for a wide range of applications. From liquid helium at -250°C, what is only a few degree above zero Kelvin, 

up to high temperatures like 550°C, 800°C, 1150°C and in special applications up to 1550°C! For all pressure classes.

Full range of services

Service on demand!


Most customers have their own staff with a good knowledge and experience. But from time to time new experience or additional knowledge is required.


Therefore we offer depending on your demand the full range of services. Beginning from market analyses we define specifications, and time to market.


With our experience in project handling we manage the project, create your design and generate all necessary documentation.

Therefore it is more or less logical that we also offer service in manufacturing planing. If reqired we are also able to look for recources to get your product manfuactured.